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will last

More than a LMS

More than a Quiz

Employees review training material, complete scenario exercises, role play via video,
earning points and moving up the leaderboard dynamically and engagingly as they improve their skills.

Mobile First

70% of employees report an increased motivation to learn with training on mobile devices.

Smartphone users complete training 45% faster than desktop users.

72% of companies say embracing mobile e-learning has made them more responsive and efficient to changing market conditions.


Level of Control

Real-time visibility into who is putting in the work

Messaging capability to affect behavior

See high-level reporting on thousands of users

Drill down into teams, employees and programs

  • Continues and Periodically Trainings

  • Agile Request Training

  • Mobile APP First

  • Video Roleplay

  • Proactive Communication

  • White Label Solution

  • Lean, Effortless Setup and Administration

  • Advanced Analytics and Progress Tracking

  • API Toolsets to HR, Active Directory and more

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