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Our Story


Our Value Pillars


The roman empire was built with the fundament

of strategic pillars.

So do we as a company believe in core values pillars.

  •  We are ETHICAL

  •  We move FAST

  •  We SOLVE problems, not cause them

  •  We’re EXCELLENT at what we do

  •  We work as a TEAM


  •  We take OWNERSHIP

  •  We KEEP our word

  •  We stay POSITIVE

  •  We always show RESPECT

  •  We absolutely LOVE our clients

  •  We seek constant IMPROVEMENT

masigra a well established partner with a proven history in lean management and digitalisation represents efficiency solutions to train your company employees with the very innovative APP based learning and training solution built on the newest technology launched in 2021 with a simple mission: to create the learning platform we wished we had found when we were operators.

Learning management systems are gaining constant popularity.

Pushed by the previous pandemic, all industries and services have been challenged to keep their employees efficiently trained.

The best solutions are created when a market faces an issue to be solved urgently. So it happened with in this case.

Rob is a car technician running a large local training center successfully. Car mechanics, technicians, sales and management got trained at all levels practically and packed with a lot of industry knowledge.

Once in a while, he meets his friend a well-established software engineer. Rob was telling him about his good running business and all the people he gets trained but also the other side of the coin. He mentioned many car companies and dealers were interested in his courses. Still, they did not want people to travel for training and be absent from work for several days, besides the travel expenses caused.

Many were using a learning management system, so it seemed they had a solution.

Fortunately, LMS in place solves mainly standard training needs. In today's highly competitive business environment, flexibility, efficiency and lean processes throughout all company departments are critical success factors.

Exactly these competitive advantages are missing features in the already implemented LMS.

Agile On-Request | On-Demand Training LMS | you are a sales manager taking care of all salespersons in your large organization located all over the country. You got some details of additional engines that will be available soon for the model “E”. Traditionally it would be shared by email. But it would be much more valuable to add this news directly to your e-learning hub. Combined with a short video created directly with the mobile phone and combined with some training questions.

This creates an easily digestible microlearning with an unbelievable high engagement factor. Considering the effort needed would be even less than creating these training details by email.

The usage of this outstanding LMS feature offers endless possibilities.

Mobile First LMS | means a full Learning Management System APP and goes far beyond responsive web design and mobile-optimized LMS websites.

Giving your employees the LMS as an APP offers them endless freedom to practice learning where and when it is best suitable for them. Your staff is used to the smartphone and the usage of apps supporting their learning directly on the most used tool they have will bring them and your organization a great benefit.

The car technician goes on a test drive and recognizes some unusual situation. He can search in the learning APP and feed the discovered case directly to the LMS with a video explanation if useful. The manager will check and approve this and decides if this is essential information everyone should know about by adding this to the LMS distribution.

White Lable LMS | allows you to make your training your own. You are working with partners, agents, brokers and many more customers. Involved them into your LMS with restricted access to specific categories or topics. Support and customer service will be reduced and your technical and sales-driven partners will be even more engaged with your brand.

The white-label learning system lets you integrate your brand's look and feel. As part of your APP or Website, your invited partners feel “at home” when the LMS is a part of your brand.

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