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Training in the hospitality industry touches every segment like customer service, communication skills, procedures, etiquette, quality assurance, logistics, and workforce management

Hospitality employees must follow many regulations and compliance rules in the hospitality industry. They must be ready to jump in perfectly prepared since hospitality leaves no room for errors. 

Problems are commonly caused by rigid and complex systems that are hard to use and do not align with business-specific requirements. A customized learning management system must be essential for training within hospitality groups.

Learning and performance management could be delivered in a single enterprise-wide platform, with the ability to represent organisational structure more accurately, even for franchise-based businesses.

Hospitality needs a highly flexible and adaptable LMS that also provides fast training for seasonal recruits. If company policies or compliance regulations change, the centralized learning material and courses can easily be updated. The LMS will distribute this new version and training updates of previously trained employees can take place.

It is essential to have features such as appraisals and learning goals included in the digital learning solution to manage performance effectively. Learning can also be accomplished by setting goals that managers approve of rather than only setting top-down goals.

A digital learning management system will decrease administrative support and increase employee engagement in hospitality training.

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