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Take Your Training and Learning Success
to the Peak

  • Continues and Periodically Trainings

  • Agile Request Training

  • Mobile APP First

  • Video Roleplay

  • Proactive Communication

  • White Label Solution

  • Lean, Effortless Setup and Administration

  • Advanced Analytics and Progress Tracking

  • API Toolsets to HR, Active Directory and more

Possibly you have a Learning Management System as an essential tool in place.

Does this support your team in the flexibility and complexity needed in their daily business, or is it more a library of a digital content and courses?

Are you missing something?


How can you boost digital training and learning to improve quality, increase sales, optimize customer service, and reduce fluctuation so your team will be more efficient, productive and engaged with your brand?

These days, we need to

- adapt immediately

- work smart

- minimize administration

- create outstanding results

Knowledge is one of the most important competitive advantage.


The knowledge between the company and employee, the company and distribution partner or between the company and customers is the primal essence of a prosperous business.

Learning and training are needed in every industry and service sector and involves all departments.




Let us know your immediate need and your company's top-level L&D goals. With your LMS strategy, we will work out the roadmap delivering elearning to the specific audience, at the exact time, with the right content engaging your learners at the highest level, easy and with fun.

People-Centric Solution

Assuring the success of your project begins with understanding your options for meeting the needs of your organization. To ensure your employees, partners and distributors have a simple, engaging learning experience, our LMS platform has been carefully developed based on feedback from admins and learners.

Implement & Adapt

Your company and employees are constantly adapting and changing towards market needs.

So your LMS should do, like a chameleon with the ability to continually transform to meet the ever-changing requirements.

We support you on the high end with our LMS solution




Join the masigra team

masigra is a growing, dynamic company providing customers across the world with an unparalleled range of tailored digital learning, digitalization and ecommerce solutions, consulting and services, stemming from our extensive experience in the industry. We continually strive to serve our customers’ needs with the highest quality, consistent products underpinned by dedicated service.

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