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Take Your Training and Learning Success
to the Peak

King of the Brain

Organizations must revolutionize their understanding of modern knowledge transfer and training to provide more relevant, contextual learning experiences.


The traditional approach to digital courses and classes lacks the balance to meet the needs of the business and the learner. Therefore, companies must invest in tools and technologies to accomplish their learning goals.

Recalling what has been learned shows the highest value in interactive training. Just a few seconds of video-role-play training is the perfect medium to remember.

Possibly you have a Learning Management System as an essential tool in place.
Does this support your team in the flexibility and complexity needed in their daily business, or is it more a library of a digital content and courses?

Improve service quality, increase sales, reduce fluctuation having your team more productive, efficient and engaged with your brand.

Remember what has been learned


Role-Play and your team proofs the learnings

How many instructions are emailed, work orders monitored or misinterpreted security guidance given by email…?

Unlock the full training potential with embedded video-role-play.


With a role play the respected teams confirms and proves that they have understood and will follow your request.


With a lean setup, you will achieve desired goals.

Full Training Portfolio

Employees review training material, complete scenario exercises, role play via video, learning points and moving up the leaderboard dynamically and engagingly as they improve their skills.

Mobile First

70% of employees report increased motivation to learn through training on mobile devices.

Smartphone users complete workouts 55% faster than desktop users.

72% of companies state that adopting mobile e-learning has made them more responsive and efficient to changing market conditions

All levels of control

Real-time visibility of who's making progress

Messaging ability to influence behavior

Escalation process to meet the given time frame and avoid compliance risks

View high-level reports on thousands of user



Let us know your immediate need and your company's top-level L&D goals. With your LMS strategy, we will work out the roadmap delivering elearning to the specific audience, at the exact time, with the right content engaging your learners at the highest level, easy and with fun.

People-Centric Solution

Assuring the success of your project begins with understanding your options for meeting the needs of your organization. To ensure your employees, partners and distributors have a simple, engaging learning experience, our LMS platform has been carefully developed based on feedback from admins and learners.

Implement & Adapt

Your company and employees are constantly adapting and changing towards market needs.

So your LMS should do, like a chameleon with the ability to continually transform to meet the ever-changing requirements.

We support you on the high end with our LMS solution


Join the masigra team

masigra is a growing, dynamic company providing customers across the world with an unparalleled range of tailored digital learning, digitalization and ecommerce solutions, consulting and services, stemming from our extensive experience in the industry. We continually strive to serve our customers’ needs with the highest quality, consistent products underpinned by dedicated service.

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